Richard Knill Freeman

Bolton architect

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Hindley cemetery

Freeman came second in this competition as reported in the Builder in 1877. The cemetery was built to the designs of George Heaton, the surveyor of the board, in 1879-80.

Freeman was upset about this and wrote to the British Architect in June 1877:

“Sir - Allow me to call the attention of your readers to one of those little episodes which give such an interest to competitions. Designs being invited for a new cemetery at Hindley, I, in common with others, applied to the surveyor to the board for particulars and instructions, and spent considerable time in the preparation of plans, which were submitted in due course. Judge of my surprise when it transpired that the surveyor of the board had been allowed to compete. His design was adopted, which could hardly be a matter of surprise. I cannot help feeling that it was most unjust to other competitors to allow any gentlemen in an official position with regard to the board to compete, as if it had been known before-hand I am sure no one would have cared to enter the lists with the chances so decidedly against them. Will you express your opinion of the matter?

Yours truly,

R Knill Freeman”

The editor stated that the Hindley authorities should give an explanation.


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