Richard Knill Freeman

Bolton architect

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St Thomas’s school, Farnworth

Built 1869; original school demolished; Frank Freeman extension of 1911 remains; unlisted; subdivided into various uses

In January 1870, The Architect reported:

“New school buildings (St Thomas’s) have been recently erected in Farnworth Lancashire, and last week a celebration meeting was held to announce their completion. The buildings are constructed of brick; bearing Staffordshire blue brick bands and stone dressings on the gables etc. The roof is covered with Welsh slates, arranged in ornamental cut bands, and terminating at the top with embellished ridge tiling. The schools are ceiled half way up to the roof and principal rafters, which are varnished, open from moulded stone corbels, built into the wall. The buildings are lighted by ornamental coronae and brackets manufactured by Messrs Hibbert and Company of Manchester, and are heated by hot air from one of Whittaker and Constantin’s patent stoves. The style of the building is Gothic. The builders were Messrs Coope Brothers of Tamworth [sic]; the architects Messrs Cunliffe and Freeman of Bolton.”

The school was extended by Jonathan Simpson in 1885 and then the original school was demolished for a 1911 extension by Frank Freeman.


The Architect, 15 January 1870, p.36 (Thanks to Neil Darlington for this)