Richard Knill Freeman

Bolton architect

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St Bartholomew’s school, Bolton


This is listed in the architects’ works at the RIBA as “Alterations and additions” but the British Architect of 28 September 1877 suggests that Freeman designed the original building:

“These schools, recently completed, are arranged as a two storey building, the area of land being rather limited. On each floor is a school room, 50 feet by 30 feet, and two classrooms, each 16 feet by 13 feet. The classrooms are divided by movable screens so that they can be used as one room if required. The wall separating them from the main room has large openings filled with glazed screens, thus insuring thorough supervision. The upper room is open to the collar beams and has the space above utilised as a ventilating shaft. Heating chamber, kitchen and store cellar are provided in the basement. The materials employed are selected common bricks, with patent brick angles, reveals to windows etc. The cost of the building, including outbuildings and boundary walls, is about £1,800. Messrs Statham of Pendleton are the builders.”


Thanks to Neil Darlington for the British Architect reference

Image used with permission of Manchester Libraries, Information and Archives, Manchester City Council