Richard Knill Freeman

Bolton architect

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Windsor dwellings for the poor

A scheme was published in The Builder in November 1890 for “dwellings for the poor”: “The Rev Arthur Robins, of Windsor who has taken such a deep interest in the great question of the better housing of the poor read a paper on this subject, by the invitation of the Archbishop of York, at the Hull Church Congress on 30th ult. He proposed to show that “human homes” for the poor can be built so as to pay, and to this end he produced a practical design for working-class dwellings by Messrs Knill Freeman & Denison Robins architects, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. It has always been urged as an excuse for doing nothing that it will never pay to build decent dwellings for the poor. By means of the plans which we publish in our issue today, the Rev Arthur Robins undertakes to demonstrate that not only is it a Christian duty to give “human homes” to all our poor, but that the duty can be so discharged as to become a remunerative transaction, and that such dwellings can be built so as to produce, at a moderate rental, a very fair return upon the outlay.”

It is not known if the houses were built.


The Builder, 4 November, 1890, p270