Richard Knill Freeman

Bolton architect

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Doffcocker Inn, Bolton

Built 1901; not listed; in use as a pub.

The drawings for this public house are dated 1898 and the datestone above the entrance is 1901. It is a calendar building, with four floors (one for each season), seven rooms per floor (days of the week), twelve cellars (months), twenty-eight rooms (days in month), fifty-two doors (weeks) and 365 panes of glass.

The old photograph shows that the half-timbering of the gables has unfortunately been lost but there have been few other significant external changes.

The original design shows much more half-timbering than the final building, possibly echoing the old house nearby called Doffcockers.

Frank Freeman later made some alterations to the building.


Calendar houses

Above left: the original building

Above right: the 1898 drawing

Left: The building in 2010