Richard Knill Freeman

Bolton architect

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Wolstenholme Hall, Rochdale

Unlisted; in use as restaurant

According to the restaurant’s web site, the hall was built in 1850. Freeman’s work was for Harold Shawcross, a later occupant, so the work must have been alterations or extensions. Shawcross was a member of Rochdale town council and an influential member of the national housing reform council. He made an important contribution to the Housing and town planning act of 1909 and laid the first stone of Rochdale’s first municipal house on the Spotland estate in December 1919. In 1925, Shawcross offered the house rent-free to the council for use as a TB sanitorium. In the 1980s the house became a nightclub and is currently used as a restaurant.

The extent of Freeman’s work is not clear.


Rochdale Observer, 19 February, 1930


Nutters restaurant

Left: Wolstenholme Hall in 1910

Below: the hall in 2016, with various extensions