Richard Knill Freeman

Bolton architect

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St Jude, Preston

Built 1889-93; demolished c.1987

From Building News 65; 27 October 1893:

PRESTON: The Bishop of Manchester consecrated on the 19th inst, the new church of St. Jude, which has just been erected in St. Paul’s-road, Preston. It has been built at a cost of over £6,600, including the site, and has a seating capacity of 800. In plan, it consists of a wide nave with side aisles and transepts, a large chancel, and north and south chancel aisles. The baptistery is at the west end of the nave, separated from it by and arcade. At the east end of the south chancel aisle is the clergy vestry, and the organ loft is constructed over this aisle, and opens into the chancel and south transept. Other vestries are also provided under the east end of the chancel. The north chancel aisle is arranged as a side chapel. The chancel is separated from the chancel aisles by arcades which will ultimately be filled with open screens. The chancel fittings and joiners’ work generally are of pitch-pine. The chancel floor is laid with dark-red tiles, with encaustic tiles in places. The style is late Decorated. The architect is Mr R Knill Freeman, of Manchester and Bolton, and the general contractor was Mr Thomas Croft.


Building News 65; 27 October 1893