Richard Knill Freeman

Bolton architect

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St Bartholomew, Westhoughton, Bolton

Built 1869-1870; listed grade II; only the tower remains

Cunliffe and Freeman designed the church in the late 1860s and it was consecrated on St Bartholomew’s day in August 1870. It cost over £7000, a large sum for a church. The church needed restoration in 1887 when dry rot had appeared under the chancel floor. In view of this, it was perhaps surprising that in 1895-6 Freeman was chosen to build new vestries.  Freeman also designed the reredos and lychgate (1902). Frank Freeman later designed a war memorial incorporated into the reredos.

The body of the church was almost completely destroyed by fire in 1990 and the tower repaired in 1991.


Walmsley, Robert; A short history of St Bartholomew’s church Westhoughton; 1995

Above: Freeman’s plans for the vestry

Below: Freeman’s lych gate (1902)

Above: Cunliffe and Freeman’s tower with the new church