Richard Knill Freeman

Bolton architect

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Holy Trinity, Horwich

Built 1830-31 (F Bedford); Listed grade II; in use as church

In April 1901 the parish had a meeting with Freeman to discuss a scheme for a new chancel. The building of the chancel meant some alterations to the interior of the church. The choir, which had previously sat in the west end of the gallery, was now provided with seating accommodation near the altar. The floor level was raised to its current height, although extensions have since been made to the choir stalls. The work was completed in 1903.

Pevsner (1969) describes the new chancel as “short but solid, a real addition to the value of the church”.

Freeman’s obituary in The Builder also refers to work to the organ chamber.


The new chancel clearly visible in a contemporary photograph


Pevsner; South east Lancashire (1969)

Charnock, Jack; History of Horwich church