Richard Knill Freeman

Bolton architect

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Brunswick Wesleyan church, Pendleton, Salford

Demolished; the school of 1887 remains

The British Architect, April 11, 1879 reported:


The design, submitted under the motto “Bona Fides,” has been chosen in a limited competition. The plan of chapel accommodates 1,170 persons, as follows: - Ground floor, 610; gallery, 302; fall seats, 70; scholar’s seats, 150 and choir, 40. Three class-rooms or vestries, with choir vestry over, lavatories, &c., are provided. A lecture hall at the back accommodates 162 and has direct communication with the chapel. It is provided with vestry, lavatory, &c. A wagon-shaped ceiling is shown in section for the chapel roof. Yorkshire stone dressings, with parpoints from Southowram, are proposed for the general walling. The estimated cost is £8,584. The architect is Mr. R. Knill Freeman, of Bolton.


Building News 87, 1 July, 1904, p.9

The British Architect, 11 April, 1879