Richard Knill Freeman

Bolton architect

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Designs not built

Most of the designs that were not built were unsuccessful competition entries, many of which were illustrated in the architectural journals. Others were not built for lack of finance or reasons unknown. The known designs that were not built are:

Nottingham cemetery chapel (1876)

Hindley cemetery (1877)

Wakefield town hall (1877)

Southport library and art gallery (1877)

Southport markets (1878)

Eccles cemetery (1878)

Old Basford Board school, Nottingham (1878)

Over Darwen town hall (1879)

Newark Hospital (1879, with Naylor)

Johnson hospital, Spalding (1879, with Naylor)

Clitheroe day and Sunday school (1880)

Leamington Spa municipal buildings (1881)

Bolton Fever hospital (1881)

Dublin museum of science and art (1881)

Exchange station, Liverpool (1881)

Park Hotel, Preston (c.1881)

Oldham library (1882)

Admiralty and war office, London (1887, with Thomas Drew)

Salford artizans dwellings (1883)

Springbank Hydro, Harrogate (c.1890)

St Anne, Lancaster (1892)

Coxlodge asylum (1892, with Robins)

Taunton town hall (1898)

St Simon and St Jude vicarage, Great Lever, Bolton (1899)

Liverpool church, Longmoor Lane (1904)