Richard Knill Freeman

Bolton architect

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Minor works

These are mainly projects listed in Bolton’s building registers, few of which survive and some of which are difficult to identify. They do help to show the range of work of the practice.

Antelope Road, Bolton: Alterations to offices, 1872

Bedford St, Bolton: Bathroom, 1869

Bolton Conservative club, Mawdsley St: Redecoration, 1878

Bradford hotel, Bolton: Alterations, 1880 and 1881

Bridgeman St, Bolton: Sundries, 1868

Bull Shed Sawmill Co, Foundry St, Bolton: Addition (with Cunliffe), 1867

Carlton St, Bolton: Stables (with Cunliffe), 1870

Chorley New Road, Bolton: Alterations to street, 1891

Church Bank, Bolton: 7 WCs, 1881

Commission St, Bolton: Additions to house, 1867

Crompton St, Bolton: Closet, 1900

Habergham vicarage: Advice on vicarage works, 1900

Higher Bridge Street, Bolton: Sundries, 1869

Radcliffe Road, Bolton: 7 water closets, 1885

St Georges Road, Bolton: Additions and alterations, 1903

St Helens Road, Bolton: Water closet, 1872

Victoria hotel, Bolton: Alterations, 1873 and 1874