Richard Knill Freeman

Bolton architect

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The RIBA biographical file lists “Brooklands” as a house worked on by Frank R Freeman after Knill Freeman’s death in 1904. This could mean designing the house or making alterations to it.

There is a house called Brooklands on Markland Hill, between Christ Church, Heaton and the Victoria Inn. There was also a house called Brookland (no “s”) in Heaton. The remaining entrance gate of the property on Chorley New Road is for “Brookland”  and Brookland  is shown as a large house well set back from the road on old maps. The RIBA list has many inaccuracies and typographical errors so it is not clear which house is referred to. There is a reason to believe that Brookland on Chorley New Road might be the Freeman-designed house since it was designed for a member of the Musgrave family for whom Freeman did other work. The RIBA list also has the entry: “Additions to house in Windermere for F Musgrave”. This is Ghyll Head which Frank Freeman worked on.

The picture below shows Brookland, Chorley New Road, Bolton

Left: Brookland on Chorley New Road. Thanks to Mark Heald for the image

Below: The gate pier showing “Brookland” remains