Richard Knill Freeman

Bolton architect

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St Margaret’s Parochial hall, Halliwell, Bolton

Built 1902; unlisted; used as offices

The parochial hall (Vannen Hall) was built in 1902, prior to the church by Paley and Austin which followed in 1912-13.

Ian M Farrell in his history of the parish states that the architect for the site in Lonsdale Road was George Temperley of George Temperley and Son, 27 Mawdsley Street, Bolton. The new mission was opened in 1901. Church officers held a meeting on 21 June 1902 to discuss building a sizeable extension to accommodate 150 more people. This was completed in October 1902, which is the date on the building. The Builder of 25 March 1932 lists Frank Freeman as carrying out work to the building, presumably another extension. The RIBA list refers to “New parochial hall and Sunday schools” so this is a little confusing.


RIBA biographical file

Farrell, Ian M; A history of the parish church and people of St Margaret’s Halliwell

Pevsner; Lancashire: Manchester and the South-East, 2004


St Margaret’s church